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Tai'an Continental Medical Instruments Co., Ltd. is located at the foot of the beautiful Mount Tai; It is one of the manufacturing enterprises in the subdivided field of global pulmonary delivery and chronic respiratory disease control, a national high-tech enterprise, a national technology-based small and medium-sized enterprise, and one of Tai'an's top 50 technological innovation enterprises. The company has 29 intellectual property rights, including 3 invention patents, 11 software copyrights, 11 utility model patents and 4 design patents. It has 3 national registered trademarks and 4 medical device registration certificates.

The company's main products include Spacer for Aerosol, Dry Powder Inhalers, Actuators, and Nebulizers, covering the medical devices required by three common drug delivery methods (MDI aerosol inhalation, DPI dry powder inhalation, and nebulizing solution inhalation) in the treatment of asthma and COPD. The "Breath Cloud" APP platform jointly developed by the company and professors of the University of Science and Technology of China has been launched in 14 countries overseas (such as Australia, New Zealand, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, France, Spain, the United Kingdom, etc.), providing comprehensive services such as management and control, science popularization, cross-border e-commerce, etc. for terminal patients at home and abroad; At the same time, the peak peak meter designed and developed by the company has passed the EU CE certification. This product can reflect the blockage degree of large and small air passages, and has the characteristics of low price, high accuracy, wide application range, etc; The portable ultrasonic nebulizer designed and developed by us has a drug deposition rate in the lungs four times that of the ordinary nebulizer device. At present, it has obtained domestic invention patents and European invention patents. Besides, we also make spacer devices for animals' respiratory healthcare.

The company has a 100000 level clean production workshop of more than 20000 square meters, which operates in full accordance with GMP requirements, and is equipped with personnel and material purification facilities; The dust producing room is designed for full ventilation to avoid cross contamination. The company has passed the ISO 13485 quality system certification, and strictly implements the relevant standard operating procedures and management procedures in the production process to ensure that each product meets the quality standards. Some of our products are FDA approved, FDA 510K shall be obtained in 2023 for spacer device.

The company has strong R&D strength, has set up Tai'an Lung Drug Delivery System Industrial Technology Research Institute, has 23 multi-disciplinary technical talents in medicine, pharmacy, electronics, automation and other disciplines, 2 doctors, 4 masters, 11 middle and senior professional titles, and 2 external professor level experts; The company has a research and development center, with the original value of research and development equipment reaching more than 8 million yuan, and more than 40 sets of inspection equipment; We can independently research and develop drug dispensers, powder inhalers and other related products. The company will set up a respiratory system research center, and jointly build an international respiratory system medical device research and development base with the China Asthma Alliance to develop medical devices that are practical, cost-effective and clinically necessary.

Newly built Taian China-Israel high-end medical industrial park as the core of the health industry layout, which focuses on five modules: basic medical (respiratory), respiratory pharmaceutical preparations, European high-end medical equipment technology introduction, international industrial cooperation, and Internet remote diagnosis. The project covers an area of 50000 ©O. It is planned to build eight workshops and a comprehensive office building, with a total building area of 78000 ©O and a total investment of 500 million RMB. In Phase I, GMP Workshop 6 and 7 will be built, with a total area of about 20000 ©O.

The respiratory medical devices have been sold in 75 countries and regions (Australia, Europe, the Middle East, Latin America, North America, Southeast Asia, Africa), and formed long-term strategic alliances with 166 overseas agents; Five new drugs (8 specifications) of pharmaceutical preparations under research are expected to be approved by the end of 2023.

The company constantly improves and strengthens itself, adheres to the business strategy of "Innovation, Invigoration, Seeking characteristics, and Brand building" for the company's operation, takes the road of characteristic operation, wins customers with good reputation and high-quality products. Adhering to the enterprise concept of "Investment, Harmony and Passion", the company has been deeply engaged in respiratory medical devices, always standing at the forefront of respiratory system research and development technology, and being a pioneer in the global respiratory drug delivery segment.
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